About Jerry

Lesson learned from this photo, don't shoot into an extremely dirty mirror and expect a detailed sharp image, lol.

As far as my bio, I am fond of BW, street & landscape photography, snowy owls, misty mornings, old buildings, butterflies, dirty alleys, weathered faces, bright colors, the rain forest, etc, but to be totally honest I really don't know what stirs me about photography or what I should concentrate on? I just know a good image when I see it, and if it leaves me excited and stays in my memory then I know its good, at least in my mind.

Many years ago I took some college classes in BW print developing, and we studied the old masters, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This little town that I live in actually produced one of the old masters in street photography, his name is Lee Friendlander. I can remember talking to him at a local photography shop when I was a young guy. Since then I've gone through the smelly chemicals in my converted bathroom/dark room, and like many people, the conversion to digital was difficult because of past investments in film, but I jumped right in. My first digital was a 2 mp S 100 Canon for $700, that was 19 years ago.

When it comes to making photos I am reminded that a famous photographer once said that you are "responsible" for what you put within the frame before you push the button, I took that to heart. I try to remember the rule of thirds but often just go with what feels right. Also, I am not fond of overly saturated images that is so prevalent today. I appreciate creative people with good imaginations and skills, but I also know from experience that some of the best photo's are simply the result of good luck. I credit my grandmother, who was a deaf mute, for inspiring me in the field of photography. She expressed herself with a 1909 Brownie box camera that I currently own. God Bless you Grandma & RIP.

Finally, I love the function and feel of mirrorless camera's. In my humble opinion they feel solid, precise, and professional. I have a full frame Canon but rarely use it even though it takes excellent images. The camera and lenses are big and bulky and I just don't appreciate how it feels in my hand. I use this camera mostly on a tri pod when doing landscapes or chasing birds.

FYI, I don't check in very often but when I do I quickly look for photo's that grab my attention and will comment accordingly.

Photography Equipment

From newest to oldest, some lens details missing, will fill in later

Fujifilm x pro 1
Fujinon 35 mm 1:2 lens
Fujinon 14 mm 1:2.8 lens

Canon EOS 5D, MII
Canon 24 - 105 mm 1:4 lens
Canon 400 mm 1:4.5 lens
1.4 lens Extender

GoPro Hero4

Olympus Pen E-P2
Olympus mm 1: lens
Olympus mm 1: lens

Panasonic DMC-FZ28

Various pocket sized point and shoot digital cameras (approximately 4 or 5)

A closet full of old film camera's in various formats.