Aberdeen Hong Kong - 1966

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Jerry (Aberdeen, United States) on 25 August 2019 in Lifestyle & Culture and Portfolio.

Photo: Aberdeen, Hong Kong (under British rule at the time)

I took this photo in early March, 1966 when I was in the military. I don't remember the camera, or what happened to it, but it might have been a Brownie in the old 126 format, I believe the 110 format came out a few years later when I was a civilian - if I remember correctly. This print image faded over the years and decades later I scanned it to my computer.

This photograph is approximately 53 years old and shows a young lady trying to make a living in this floating city. The harbor had many families living aboard the bigger "Junks" and I remember the sampans servicing them with produce and other services, which is what you can see in this image.

My friend and I were on a similar type of sampan boat and an old gentleman was paddling us out to a grandiose floating restaurant where we picked out a live lobster and later had it for lunch. Today that restaurant is still there and proudly serving customers from all over the world. Over 19,000 days and nights have come and gone since then, but I clearly remember the sights and smells of that day, it was a unique experience that is forever in my memory.

A few days later I was somewhere in Hong Kong and a young girl sold me a beautiful home made model of a Junk that her father made, which included sails with rigging. The price was $5 and that was a lot of money at that time. Some boy grabbed the girl and tried to steal the money, but I grabbed him so she could get away. He finally broke free and went after her and I've often wondered if she made it home with the money. I've always assumed the father was a cripple and had to send her to sell his work, or he probably would have done it himself. I still have that boat and maybe will feature it in a future photo.

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Catherine (Toscana) from Pornic, France

An old picture and thank you for the story you tell

25 Aug 2019 8:31am

Shaun from Massachusetts, United States

A great capture. I was stationed there for 3 years before the handover.

25 Aug 2019 11:18am

@Shaun: This is what I find interesting on this site, the interactions of each other, I would have never guessed you had been stationed in Hong Kong. I went back about 5 years ago and before that maybe 8 years and each time it changes so much. My state equals the size of the Guangdong province, we have ~ 7 million people, they have ~ 112 million. Another guy on here was an English teacher in the Pearl River delta area, this to me is the most interesting and thanks to photography it brings us all together.

Devi from Chennai, India

a beautiful image and a lot of travel down the nostalgic lane..And to think that thoings have changed so much now !!
Do show us the image of the boat that you bought and is 53 years old!!

25 Aug 2019 3:22pm

@Devi: Thank-you Devi, I will take a photo of it for you and hope to post it in the near future as time permits

mohammad from Isfahan, Iran

Your photo is beautiful and high quality and it is interesting to read,
It was only better to have your photo recorded in the documentary directory,
Bravo on yours dear Jerry and i am glad to meet you.

25 Aug 2019 6:33pm

@mohammad: Thank-you Mohammad I am glad to meet you to. I appreciate your kind words and hope to talk with you again, my best wishes to you and your family.

Existence Artistique from Angers, France


25 Aug 2019 7:41pm

Harry from Apex, NC, United States

great story and fine grab shot ... looking forward to seeing the model.

26 Aug 2019 12:19am

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